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Wish List + Make List

Ever changing and not realistic - I probably can't even fit into most of these. /wrists A girl can dream...! D: Also sorry if I've used your photo! And all prints, because if it's not a print I should make it myself, right? D: Feel free to suggest anything you think I'd like, my current style/liking is pretty apparent here imo :D

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A Sweet Summer

 Summer approaches and I'm heading in a very sweet direction for it. Just bought:

I NEED COLOURS! Don't worry, it's still Baby.. xD But yes, mint, more dots (fuck I have too many polkadots)...!! I am going to do a taobao order (I will attempt to use taobaospree or whatever? I'm confused as to how I know who takes custom measurements or not?...) 

I also realllly want this: 

AP. SAILOR. LIGHT BLUE. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Need. Too many polkadots though! TT_TT I just really want an OP with a sailor collar in a LIGHT BLUE colour. Does anyone know of anything else that'd suit? 

Alsoooo worried about how much sugar I eat. How many blocks of chocolate/bags of lollies/things i pick at at work/350% recommended dietary sugar intake per day.. @.@ What a typical fucking lolita I am. :| 

Panty and stockinggg! AWESOME SHOW.

$70? DO IT? ahahahha
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Life Update (Heavily Illustrated)

I am alive. Only really on FB.. I am too poor (note: $0) and too busy for LJ/lolita. I have been living in 2 pairs of pants. Have been a shitty friend for the past few weeks, sorry for not being around. Still not completely finished shoot - Eden, Elliot's film (Writer/Director of Photography) is still not wrapped because of the weather.. Falling down on slippery rocks  at the waterfall at Cedar Creek, yay.. ;_;

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Good to see you all again <333 missed it! It was worth the walk from South Bris in heels, haaaaaa. Everybody was gorgeous as per usual. I want to steal those damn Atelier Boz shorts, bawwwww.

WORK/SLEEP.. I really want to get an AP dress some day for the lulz, but I don't think I could bring myself to spend $$$$. Though I do have a soft spot for rose toilette/yumemiru macaron..  But I mean something typically new-ish AP, it would just be funny on me. Too bad all those replicas are gross and mouldy, or i would totally wear it out drinking. Also, mint. Also, I am wondering when my polkadot obsession will end.