January 15th, 2009

lj, piano

Jackie Daze

I didn't end up going to the TRP shoot, so after uni selection (which involved many clashing classes as per usual) me and Jackie went out for crepes and general hanging-outness.

We bumped into li! Lolita suits her soooo welll <3 My skirt was somehow eaten in this photo, it's so short o_o Jackie and I look like giants..!

I received my christmas/birthday presents.. an amazing Baby Parasol <3 I want more black co-ordinates so I can match it! She even got me little hair ties too, so I guess I'm going to be wearing pigtails more often. 

We were going to go to a black metal gig at the step inn since a couple friends of mine were going, but we ended up going home and playing dressup! Then today, after seeing that my dream fabric at spotlight was sold out *tear* we had lunch at sunnybank with my family. I said bye to Jackie, and then bumped into Faith and Suz! So random (lolololol) because I just said "we should hang out with faith because she lives near here~". You girls looked amazing. My mum loves goth loli, she said "Why didn't you buy that dress? [princess drop]" XD

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