January 17th, 2009

lj, piano

omfg dead computer?!

I think it's about to die.... It's been a long time coming -_-

Pretty much, I leave my computer on overnight, and today when I wake up the desktop is crashed. No biggie, restart. Cannot load any of my user profile settings.. x_x It's like starting windows all over again!! D: Luckily I manage to restore my desktop and Firefox bookmarks.. But I keep get parse line errors really randomly, ugh. I sooo don't have money for a new comp right now, but I do want one. I have two HDDs on this thing from the last time it died -the OS got fucked up so I just put a new one in and put the old one as slave so I still have all my files. I really need to back that thing up, but my external HDD is so pathetic >_> 
I suppose what's stopping me also is that I won't be able to get it as cheap as usual (ex used to do it for me, wholesale/direct parts) -_- Maybe I should talk to Dene's bro, since he was planning on giving me his spare parts.. Though I really need a new mobo. That's the main thing. and processor, so yeah, the most important parts of the comp.