January 28th, 2009

lj, piano

Bow Vomit.

There's so many. lol. So I went to spotlight today and picked up some mats, here are the results.

Nipple  tassles  Ribbon pearl strand thing that Lea made, I wanted one toooo so I made one. And also a bow ring thing.

Some black headbows. One for me, one for sale! The one on sale has thin wire through it so you can shape it a bit, atm it's like Baby's "look like a double bow" kinda shape.  And then the commission for bretagneshrew~

2nd one for sale. I ran out of black headbands though ._.

Red On     Kinari ON

In other ramble-y thoughts, I wish I was realllllllly azn so I got hong bao/red pockets for CNY D: