February 27th, 2009

lj, piano

Food at work

I'm going to make another post later once I've edited images, but for now: work. awesome. eating sweets and being fat.

Thursday Lemon Meringue Tart x 2, fresh whipped cream
Friday Caramel Tart x 2, fresh whipped cream, Fresh made vanilla ice cream with vanilla beans, also Mark made this choc-malt ice cream. It's not churned yet but it tastes like liquid maltesers. I should be churning it tomorrow. Fuckyah.

lj, piano

Ok, here we go.

Real post time. I finally finished my crazeh skirt. Here it is! It's so puffy, it reminds me of the actual huge bustle back skirts. I want a pink malco modes petti to wear with it (saw one on comm but I haven't been paid yet!!)

Now all I need is my bag, blouse and steamy gear :O Oh and metal headbow. I also bought this "victorian teapot" for $7. Too cute!

Also; I has a kodona set! Hooray :D I want to buy suspenders too. I love the classic skirt I got from bodyline, it's SO COMFY. I shall be rockin' that one out on tues. Black bow hat, black blouse, black otk's, and parasol <3 kodona on mon - piratey vest, a white ruffle shirt? black pants and argyle socks :DD and then.. no idea on wed. Going to uni is fun because I can wear something different all the time xD Last week i was walking into my experimental film lec and a group of girls were sitting on the floor, and I just hear this hushed "..lolita!! :o" come from them.

Bah; I need 3 short film ideas (25min) for next tuesday. O_O /dies

Also; 2nd anniversary items are up! They're all so pretty (the 3 front page dresses of course) I don't know which colour to pick. Pink is logical for accessory matching, but I'm gonna go brown D:!!