March 15th, 2009

lj, piano

Wish List #3

At Jackie's request. :)

Wish List #3
Wish List #3 - by Vysanthe on

Princess Drop/Pocket Embroidery/WHICHEVER ONE IS BIGGER. Cream or Black. Yussss.
Hymn Note/Aatp - but the JSK, if it ever comes out/fits. Gaddamnit.
Ivory OTKs
MM style rose/couch print JSK/OP... anything. I'll have to make one with some quilting fabric.
School bag/briefcasey thing in brown! I need this before April.
Ivory? parasol.
Thumbelina in ivory
Snow White in red
Gaddamnn camera that I am definitely getting. Soon, my precious.

I love you babeh <3