March 22nd, 2009

lj, piano


Eeek so busy. This is what's been happening.

Experimental Film 
My actress never got back to me -_- So I'm looking for more, but no one has replied for the casting call, shoot is like 2 weeks away, I am totally FREAKING OUT... I am not sure if we are set building or I should use blacks as my background, blacks are definitely the easiest option but then I lose a lot of the feeling of the piece, behhh. =(

On thursday, Jackie, Danni, Mikael and me went op shopping/vintage stuff in Paddington. Didn't find that much D: I bought a white lace-frill-tiered dress for $50 from some boutique. It looks like lingerie..XD 

Yesterday Mikael and I went to the west end markets/vintage fashion fair~ He was upset there wasn't much male stuff =\ I found the most awesomest thing thoughhhhhhhh. White faux fur capelet! Yayyy. It kinda looks like but shorter and cuter. :D Also got some brown gloves for possible steampunk?

Went to my friend's housewarming party last night; we were meant to get there at 7.30 but due to public transport complications we got there around 9......... I'm a real lightweight, right, I can usually have a lot of drinks but I usually drink slowly.. Since we got there late, I just drank a double black in about 2 minutes compared to my usual 15 minutes or so, and I felt SO OUT OF IT. XD Sad huh? I was flailing around a bit on the couch. Jeff's like "Goldie I don't want to give you any more alcohol, you look really distressed!" ..there should be amusing pictures on facebook later >_> But that was fun, and cheap. Mostly just talked films and music. We ended up getting back to the bus station at 11:50, the last bus was at 11:25 and the next was at 12:45 so we caught a cab to the traino.

Teh end D: Also not wearing lolita that much lately due to certain constraints (camera workshops, art, whatever) T_T I will probably wear it heaps when I get my damn shoessssss. Oh, I wore classic yesterday and one of my uni friends met me in the city, she wants me + "another friend who dresses in the awesome getup like you do or borrows your clothes" to be in her experimental. Me, acting? Bahhh D: