April 12th, 2009

lj, piano

In which Goldie wishes she was a dancer.

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Eeeeeh. Love the song, dance, costume, make up...just perfection! I wish I could control my body that well. No time/no one wants to do latin dance with me anymore =( Bah.

Anyway, it's holidays now! Yay. I have a script breakdown due after we come back though, and uh, australian film seminar thing, and my experimental film.... Hummmmmmmmmmm.

I have another 1 minute art film due for my art subject, and since it's art I really want to incorporate say, some rotoscoping/animation things in. Possible "storylines" include a man playing cello in the woods who summons a wood nymph who lures him to his death? Or a woman (in still images) who is trapped in her world and tries to break through to her animated lover's world (LOL TAKE ON ME VIDEO >_> the 80s stole my idea =( ) .....thoughts? I was thinking, even if I did the bare minimum of a minute, 60 secs @ 10fps = 600 frames O_O Can I really draw that much!? Halp.

Watched Batman Returns last night. So awesome. Tim Burton batman. I don't particularly like michael keaton, but catwoman was HOT. Last time I watched the whole film would have been yearsssss ago, I never realised how sexual she was >_>"

Also, we should really have a meet soon, this weekish. Open meet. For the lulz? Since it's holidays and all..~~~