May 28th, 2009

lj, piano

Posting spree

Just posted to bakebakebake and daily. Phew. I made macarons again last night, but they turned out perfect. :D

Went shopping with danni (instead of studying..  ><)
This vest thing we found in Bardot is just so ridiculous and awesome. It's funny but glamorous at the same time x-x I loveeeeeee ittt... The pic from danni's phone was nicer than the pics I took :) Didn't actually buy it lollll

Also, went into sex kitten. I kind of hate animal print since I used to wear it a lot a long time ago but this capelet/mantle/collar thing is really cool >_> Reminded me of Faith :P Excuse scary face. Didn't buy it, just pics ;P

I need to study for Australian film. I didn't realise we had to write on TWO QUESTIONS, which means discussing 6 films! Damn! It's on Thursday. ALSO, my film will be the first shown for experimental out of the entire cohort's..DAMN! I will get the worst feedback and ..just..gyah... >< >< >< >< >< I should be posting my film next week though, to EGL. :D!

Also, music salon has been shipped. Hurrah!