Vysanthe (vysanthe) wrote,

Perfect Blouse

I have been hunting for a kinari/ivory/cream long sleeve (possibly detachable) blouse with a large peter pan collar (with preferably torchon lace) for a longgggggggggg time!


Dat lace collar!  But REALLY, $170 AUD BEFORE SHIPPING for a freaking BLOUSE!? *head explodes*

I won hymn print btw. :D Hence why the need for blouse is quite desperate now! I suppose I can wear chiffon..

All assessment is due tomorrow. I also have tf2 now.

Plans on the holidays to go shoot some more for the recut of the doco before it screens in public in 2 months! Hope you girls are up for it? What kind of topics would any of you be interested in discussing on camera/seeing in the documentary? Right now I am focusing on "anti-special snowflake" stuff like us being normal drinking(cuz fat louie's tape didnt worko), going to uni, going to work, doing un-rori things. I'm also interested in: media/pop culture/internet, feminism/women's image in the meda, japanophiles/escapism, inter-community drama/the baptism by fire of becoming a lolita and being accepted, anything else..............?!

fur die lulz: "Let's take a nice photo together.."

Dancing .. "I can feel it coming in the air tonight.." by some emo band lawls
Tags: uni

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