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Life Update (Heavily Illustrated)

I am alive. Only really on FB.. I am too poor (note: $0) and too busy for LJ/lolita. I have been living in 2 pairs of pants. Have been a shitty friend for the past few weeks, sorry for not being around. Still not completely finished shoot - Eden, Elliot's film (Writer/Director of Photography) is still not wrapped because of the weather.. Falling down on slippery rocks  at the waterfall at Cedar Creek, yay.. ;_;

My film (Director of Photography), the Steampunk one, is done - we had to cut a lot of shots, and it was hard stressful work...In the end, I'm not sure how good the actual film will be (DIRECTION/SCRIPT COUGH COUGH) but I got a couple of sweet shots.  I go to telecine (film's been processes and is being technically graded!) tomorrow morning. Here is a still from the film..

The first pic in this post is from the week i was camera operating on a fun musical called Lollipop Boy. It was pretty much the best shoot I've ever been on, and I'd love to do that as a job. It was so fun, amazing crew! I think it'll be an awesome film.

I've been doing some photoshoots for my photomedia subject.. Jackie lovingly agreed to model for me, and we did a quick shoot in her lovely new dress. I feel like it's a bit uninspired on my part, but that's what lack of time and planning gets you.

That's the one I handed in for Pictorialism. I did a shoot a while ago with Elliot, I like those ones too..

I modelled for Elliot's too. We prefer the unshopped ones.. colour!

Apologies for shitty yukata wearing D;

Modelled for Ethan's too.

So, I spent ~$4000 on buying a camera for Elliot's shoot / I was going to get it for a long time anyway. My kit (once I pick up the lens) is Canon 7D, 32gb CF Card (needs to be replaced, dud), extra battery, 24-70mm f/2.8 L series lens, UV filter, Delay/Interval remote shutter controller. I still need to get a backpack for it (it's living in my d60 case right now, d60 is retired to the shelf..), a nice fluid head tripod (one day baby), external sound recording so I don't have to borrow Jeff's... I got offered a corporate gig in a couple weeks :) , a 50mm f/1.4 prime, and in the futureeeeeeeee a 16-35mm wide, a 70-200mm f/2.8 IS ($3000!) . Ugh, things cost too much.
The first day of shoot, two hours after I got it, I gave the CF card to the Data wrangler and she put it in the wrong way/bent all the pins. They couldn't use my camera anymore obviously so the next day I got it replaced with a new body. Too bad I found out the CF card was a dud/needs to be reformatted inbetween bodies (5d mk II) and wouldn't be read by the computer, which sucked because it was 32gb and all teh other cards taht worked perfectly were 8, 2, 1, 1.. =(

With my life savings spent and absolutely no cash in my account left.. Resorted to asking parents for eating money =( Makes me sad, feeling all unindependant and such. Barely been living at home for the past few weeks anyway.. Things I still need to spend moneys on - another 4 gb of ram, another terabyte HDD space..

No work for a few weeks since I was unavailable for the past two months atleast.. Really need to go back! I am looking for a holiday job. I want to be a projectionist, but I don't think my local cinema has openings =( I will inquire.

I graduate this semester, and since most of my hard work is done, I just haev a photomedia portfolio due and an animation left really (NO IDEA WHAT TO DO FOR THESE!).. I don't know what the plan is for next year.. hopefully get on some industry stuff, do some freelance stuff, do my own stuff.. ah. It's really scary, just today I was thinking, what on earth would I do if I'm not shooting a film!?

Lastly; do want.'


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