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Birthday times!

So, I'm 20 nowww... :O


The night before my birthday was my work christmas party. Hanging out with old pastry chefs? Wilder than you think xD We went to the new Bavarian Bier cafe on Eagle St Pier (above Aria/char char char). It was great cuz we were mates with the executive chef..He showed us around to Sake, his new Japanese restaurant. It was opening night and we got in before they'd opened the doors....... It's so cool inside!
Check out pics here. And they even have a special pastry section too. They seem more interested than your typical Japanese restaurant! I bet it's super fucking expensive though........


Back at the Bavarian place,  free sample platters and beers for everyone! I don't normally drink beer, but I had a "ladies mango beer" and it wasn't too bad. Couldn't finish it with my mum though D: Beer doesn't make me go red apparently! The Austrian chef and head chef ordered "one metre of schnapps", where the hot german waitress will bring out a metre-long plank and a cowbell, ringing it as you down each of the 6 shots (they got jager).  x_x  The food was so great. It's pub food, but it's so fresh (handmade chips) and delicious (and expensive? D: but the head chef paid for whatever we didn't get gratis) ... the pork belly was such a sin to eat. Delicious. After that we went to the sit down comedy club, which i'd never been to before. The standup made a lot of pastry jokes (cream buns?) so that was funny, but overall I didn't think he was too great. I did enjoy my strawberry daiquiri thoughhhhh <3


Laura (my cool chef friend) bought me this book, full of cute pictures/writing and drawing space. She said it's for next year to write all my thoughts and creative ideas in.. I'm kinda using it as a diary as well. I love it <3 

The Austrian chef and the head chef were sooooo wasted (they also did chartreuse shots, which is disgusting, and black sambuca..ew) it was hilarious. We ended up at Omalley's and the Victory >_> Some random gay businessman asked me for a dance. I got pretty bored because I didn't want to drink anymore so we went home.

The next day, I met with Elliot... I told him to plan the whole day, even though he's broke ..I just got paid so we had a good day. I reckon we looked like we were about to get married in what we were wearing D: He looked fantastic. He took me to get purikura first (I cbf scanning it) which was funtimes. Tea, then we walked around a bit. We found some awesome rings/earrings at the jewelry place next to roger david.  Then he took me to three monkeys, because he wanted to go somewhere 'atmospheric'. We got an awesome pizza and of course, a slice of lemon meringue pie. (These were eaten before i remembered to take photos!). Afterwards we wandered around GoMa since we looked classy but there wasn't much on since they're between exhibitions :p He told me the uni kids said he should take me to go see Jackass 3D and i was all T_________T... but we went and saw it anyway. So many penises. After that we had dinner at the awesome chinese place near the cinemas :) Delicious duck and hand pulled noodle soup. Again, too busy eating to take photos. Harharhar. 
glowglow :O

Hung out with Kylie and Gabbie on Saturday <3 Then off to uniiiiiii... Sunday, did the awkward meet-elliot's-whole-family thing at his nanna's 90th, then off to uni.. Pulled an allnighter, grading Erebus for the public screening Endslate TONIGHT! Can't wait, I honestly should be getting ready instead of writing this entry actually! I'd love to have invited everyone but they have limited tickets :((((((( 

Todayyyyyy my glidetrack shooter came! Birthday gift from the parents :3 As well as FF orchestra tix for next year in sydneyyyyyy. Glidetrack shooter is awesome, coool handheld steadicam and dolly shots! But my tripod (that dad got me) is not strong enough to hold that + my camera :x maybe over 2 tripods? hurdurrr 

Meant to be shooting a web clip for Kitten D'amour but the guy is stuffing me around. Sadface.

Put in an $800 taobao order. D: Also bought parfait skirt for super cheaps! So poor now! 

that is the end of my update ramble.  Graduation next week. No work. It's all over. D: Gonna be poor and no more concession prices.. what ever shall I do?! 
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