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RE-L life.

Ha.  I should quit LJ for a while / not look at sales posts. I'm going to buy a Canon 5D mkII. Should I spend $125 to buy a pair of pink, high waisted skinnies to film in though? I have no pants. Also camera tape. 5 colours!?

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuni. Also games :D TF2!


N.B.: Every game of Pokemon Monopoly ends up with someone upturning the board and storming off in a rage. :D
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So why aren't I sleeping/resting!? ;____: so exhausted! here's some snuts - both my digital media assignments (film101 subject lol). They are kinda lulzy but yes, do tell me what you think... Watch in HD if you can =D

Also; Elliot's 2nd assignment which I shot for him/he directed. This is actually just random stuff/not finished/we didn't tell Reuben what to say AT ALL.. XD 

Looking forward to: sleeping, elliot times, last doctor who, fullmetal alchemist ending, Hymn Print arrival...Finally finishing doco (that's pretty far off. Stupid uni maintenance.)
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Perfect Blouse

Collapse )I won hymn print btw. :D Hence why the need for blouse is quite desperate now! I suppose I can wear chiffon..

All assessment is due tomorrow. I also have tf2 now.

Plans on the holidays to go shoot some more for the recut of the doco before it screens in public in 2 months! Hope you girls are up for it? What kind of topics would any of you be interested in discussing on camera/seeing in the documentary? Right now I am focusing on "anti-special snowflake" stuff like us being normal drinking(cuz fat louie's tape didnt worko), going to uni, going to work, doing un-rori things. I'm also interested in: media/pop culture/internet, feminism/women's image in the meda, japanophiles/escapism, inter-community drama/the baptism by fire of becoming a lolita and being accepted, anything else..............?!

fur die lulz: "Let's take a nice photo together.."

Dancing .. "I can feel it coming in the air tonight.." by some emo band lawls
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Dress get

Bought tights to coord with it. I want to get teal ones too.
I am broke though, completely, and I will go back to work next week!
I'm attending a Kodak Cinematography Masterclass next week, it was very expensive so I hope it's worth it - we're shooting real film, and at Warner Bros Studios too...
I'm about to die, really, exhausted, and editing's started, and I don't think I got quite enough footage for every section, arghhhh...
Hopefully the photographer from sunday puts his photos on flickr soon! I'll link you when he does.

Elliot's grandmother knitted him an 18ft long Doctor Who scarf. It's epic.

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well, fuck you too ;_; // docodocodocodoco

http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m71981100 because someone was willing to shell out more than double than I would (50,000?!)
http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f86575282 because I was actually not online for more than 12 hrs and got home with half an hour to go... so cheap...

I'm going to fucking cry.

Tomorrow is my day off from shoot/time to plan more doco. I will be sending schedules to all the interviewees so please double-check that you are ok with these arrangements.

As a last note, please everyone come to my meets this weekend. If you would like to sell anything on Sunday, let disa know. DO bring some alcohol if you'd like/we will stay later into the night (as Fat Louie's are fucking me around as far as filming goes), and DO bring some party games.

I love you all.
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Cuz there were no lolitas this year you guysssssssss.

Collapse )
Finally got my corset from Voodoo Lulu, and after 2+ months of waiting they give me a $100 gift voucher to say sorry. But there was NOTHING I wanted in that store, and the pants I wanted to get Elliot were only in a 30 ._________. so I was thinkin, gotta buy something - they're getting heaps of bordello/pleaser stock and they have this: but,

BLACK OR RED? If the red is darker than the pic... I think heck yes, if not.. hm ;\
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Brisbane with a French Twist March 2010

It was so good to see all of you, and to meet new lolitas (well, just Larissa for me). We probably should have warned that cafe...

Photos are bigger than my normal ones.. cuz I have a huge screen now :3 As always, click for biggerness!

*++++++++ ALBUM LINK - 110 IMAGES!! +++++++*

I will just be posting a few of my shots here :) Feel free to take shots/post to daily and credit me for photos :)
Sorry I didn't get full body pics of everyone - changing locations/sunlight confused me... Collapse )