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Elysian Fields

2 December 1990

Hi ♥ I'm Goldie. This is my LJ, mainly used for Lolita comms. If you have any questions or want to add me to friends, go ahead~! I'd like to meet people with similar interests.

A little about me I guess. I'm just out of uni, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Film & TV with honours. I hope to be a cinematographer one day. I shoot a lot of stills as well.

I have a background in arts and music. I love them, though there's never enough time anymore. Some of my older stuff is on my DeviantArt but most of my work will now be on YouTube, Vimeo, and my posts on daily_lolita and EGL.

This journal's main use is to watch the Lolita communities! I love lolita! Poupee Girl has some of my closet in it, during the months which I choose to update it =D

[Music] ♫ My Last.FM
♫ Muse ♫ Porcupine Tree ♫ Steven Wilson ♫ Radiohead ♫ Classical piano ♫ Nobuo Uematsu ♫ Opeth ♫ Janelle Monae

[Films & Television]
♥ The Pianist ♥ In The Mood for Love ♥ Trois Couleurs: Rouge ♥ Memoirs of a Geisha ♥ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ♥ Pocahontas ♥ Kamikaze Girls ♥ Being John Malkovich ♥ Doctor Who ♥ Battlestar Galactica ♥

♫ Lemon Meringue ♫ Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup ♫ Lindor Chocolate ♫ Sour gummi worms ♫ Gummi strawberries & cream ♫ Pearl Tea ♫ Old-style caramel fudge

♥ Alice and the Pirates ♥ Baby, the Stars Shine Bright ♥ Innocent World ♥

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